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Hello, my name is Jason and I have been capturing images since my father put a camera in my hands when I was 8 years old. I am now 52. I am always learning and doing what I can to improve my skills and images. I grew up on the south side of Chicago near 55th and Halsted and that allowed me to be exposed to many different cultures. When I was younger, I was able to visit all the different museums at leisure that Chicago had to offer, as well as opportunity to the yearly Art Fairs that existed in part of Chicago that we used to call Old town. I entered the military after high school and was lucky enough to travel some. I attended college in Alabama, Tennessee, and Illinois. My undergrad is from Middle Tennessee State University, and My Master's Degree is from Concordia University located in Riverside IL. What's interesting is that I only had one college course in Photography, and that was at MTSU. I was encouraged to continue by my instuctor at that time, but I just wanted to finish the degree I started and get out of school.

I have traveled and photographed across the USA in my motorhome, and I have also photographed in Israel, China, and in many countries in Europe. I feel that my adult travels, military experience, education, as well as my childhood experiences have helped me achieve an open mind in regard to different lifestyles and cultures. I think its important to be able to have different perspectives when capturing images. As anyone will see my portfolio is very diverse.

In the past for over 5 years, I shot regularly for a local newspaper shooting sports and events, and I string for several different others. I was published on a weekly basis. I decided to give up working for the local paper as of Dec 2006 and moved on to other interests. I freelance and several of my sports photos have been made into backdrops for cell phones. The company that hired me for this also has expressed an interest in my wildlife and model images.

My girlfriend Miranda, of 15 years is my Makeup artist. Miranda has finished her Degree at the University of Illinois in Molecular Biology. Miranda managed a Makeup counter while she attended school. We own a Air Brush machine, and we are working on being proficient with it so we can offer body painting in addition to regular makeup services.

Accurate Image Studios, brings both experience in photography as well as expert makeup services to our clients.

I held an Illinois press card for several years.
I am former Canon Professional Services Member but I am now shooting Nikon along with my Hasselblad.


Yes we are the same photographer whose photography was featured and shown in an episode of Dateline NBC.



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