About Me

A small town friendly photographer from out east. I have been really dismayed by the non-licensing requirements here in Utah.

I am originally a Graphic Artist by trade. I do this out of my passion for art. I am interested in assisting upstart models and dreamers in adding my special touch to their portfolio and love the TFP realm. Through my experience doing wedding and special events photography I have become adept at spur of the moment shots.

I am also good at making the model feel relaxed and comfortable during a shoot. I perform TFP because it allows me to stretch my horizons. Weddings and Special Events pay the bills, but they are to uninspiring. While the competition with all the other "Pro" photographers here in Cache Valley has pretty much closed those doors. (Seriously walk into the local Inkleys and you will see what I mean. "I'm a Pro...What's an F-Stop). So I have decided to stick with the unscripted art of Portfolio development and work.

I assist in make-up and have also acquired some new methods of toning-up and rapid weight loss from a fitness seminar.

I am a fun upbeat photographer that is full of inspiration and "artsy" ideas. I do charge for my normal work but am seeking currently models to work with on a TFP/TFCD basis.

I am sure you will find my work interesting, fun and glamourish. I try to capture the individual taste of the model, so my work style will very. I also only post images the model chooses.

* I am currently working on a couple of projects. One of them is a Fantasy/Roleplaying calender. Basically a calender for geeks containing SI/Maxim style pictures of models garbed as faeries, pixies, demons etc...


*Published in Vermont, Idaho, New Hampshire, New York, Wyoming, Alaska and Arkansas.
*Published in several photo stores in Utah.
*Member of the International Freelance Photographers Organization.
*Past Member of NEPPA (Don't live in that region now do I?)