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About Me

Hey everyone,

My name is Really Whitney.. but my photography is Whitney Bost Photography. I'm sorry for my name on here. Model mayhem didn't have enough room for me to put a y at the end for my name. Anyways, I am 23 years old in the Hartselle/Decatur area in Alabama (: I love to do Photography, I have been doing since I graduated High school. So that's about 5 or 4 years now. WOW ! I'm getting old hahaha ;) If your ever in my area send me a message and I would LOVE to do your pictures to help us out to build our Portfolio (: Ohhh whatever you do I'm gonna say the answer anyways, I DO NOT DO NUDES!!!! I am just not the photographer that does them. I'm sorry, but i'm not. I love to do themed shoots and just regular everyday clothes shoots. I'm into fashion not for me.. but when I do photography (: I will post some of my BIG SHOOTS on here incase anyone wants to join they may.. Just message me first. Well that's all I can say really. OH!!! Whenever we are doing a photoshoot, I try not to make it to Awkward. When we talk I might be a little shy so please pass that. Just talk to me and I will talk to you back (: I hope you all have a Fabulous DAY!!! Keep Smiling !

Whitney Bost Photography


BIG Photoshoots:

June 9th- Vampire Photoshoot
July 7th-Zombie Photoshoot


Makeup Done By:

Clover Fancy MUAH 2612809