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For most of you of you who do not know me, my name is Julia. I was born in Beijing, China and moved to Canada when I was a little four year old. Raised in Montreal and Vancouver for most of my life, although I am only twenty one. What I find strange is that I moved back to Beijing two years ago to model and never really modeled in North America. The industry is a lot different from the western world because China is still a developing country, but an extremely fast developing one with its perks that no where else have. Because it is a huge city, I believe it is one of the best cities to be living in at this point of my life. You wouldn't believe the diversity and the insane people you'd meet. It wasn't until less than one year ago that I've realized how great this place is and that's because of the people. I can say that I've grown up twice as fast being in this industry in China, good and bad, compared to if I were back home in University just like all of my friends.
I grew up watching my mom pampering herself for she was part of China's first group of models back in the late eighties and early nineties. That inspired me to be just like her. When I was nineteen i joined a modeling competition called Itm in Vancouver in which I got third place. After Itm it was the competition in Sanya China in which I got top ten. Obviously top ten was not good enough so in 2008 I was placed third again in the NSR International Supermodel competition, and the rest is history. With modeling comes many other opportunities such as acting, TV hosting, even judging in other competitions. One of the greatest is the traveling. Because most cities are not like Beijing and Shanghai, traveling to some of the poorest places in China truly broadens your perspective on life. As for now, I would love to work with photographers who are known internationally, I would love to do SUPER, CRAZY fashion shoots, and of course one of my dream is to become one of China's/the world's most recognized faces.


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Welcome and fantastic work!!!
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