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About Me

I'm fairly new to model photography, but I have been doing art photography for sometime. I'm on a learning curve at the moment as I'm trying to gain experience and build up my portfolio. My main aim is to create haunting and beautiful images from fashion through to nude. I enjoy working collaboratively with models and find I work best when they bring their own quirks and interests to the work too. Right now I don't want to spread myself too thinly and I wish to attempt a variety of styles, from fairy-tale to funky. Working with models who can display their skills in other areas, such as dancing, gymnastics, music, martial arts, acting etc, etc... is also of interest to me.

Generally, I prefer location shoots and I'm always willing to find places that make interesting back-drops. However, I'm not limited to this, and I am also looking to do some studio shoots at some point.

As the old cliché goes, I believe in quality over quantity. I prefer to make a select number of great images, with the hope of getting something that jumps out at you; rather than churn out hundreds that are shot, lit and processed quickly.