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About Me

I was just notified that one of my images has been selected as a Juried Entry in this year's 2009 Seattle Erotic Art Festival. I have posted the image here, the caption reads "Symmetry".

On May 23, 2009 the same image is being used in a workshop in Seattle, WA to demonstrate muscle definition and tension.

The direct link to the image is:



I have had numerous images selected as spot light images on several web sites dedicated to models and photographers. In addition one of my images was selected by jury to appear in the 2005 Seattle Erotic Art Festival for display.

My work with models encompasses the range from fashion, casual, swim wear, lingerie, glamour, boudoir, artistic nude, fine art nude and erotic nude. I have worked with both male and female models as well as couples.

I am always interested in discussing commissions for private work, as well as working with new models looking to build or add to their portfolio. Commissions and portfolio work for single individuals, couples, or groups are all welcome, all sexual orientations are always welcome, and you will find no discrimination here.

I am entirely self taught and I continue to learn new techniques and explore new concepts all the time. I am a strong believer in learning from others and as a result I constantly look at other photographs to try and determine how an image was made, how was the lighting achieved, how was the background achieved, in order to continue to expand my own knowledge and skills. The transition to Digital also resulted in a crash course of learning Photoshop, an amazing but exceedingly complex program that allows such unique things as taking an image originally shot in color and changing it to a duo-toned black and white. This makes it possible for me to decide based on the way an image speaks to me if the image will be in black and white, color, or something in between.

My work can be seen at the following web sites, and I can be reached via the email addresses or phone number listed below. I have two personal web sites one dedicated to nude work (http://www.LewisartandPhoto.com) and one dedicated to “PG��? images (http://www.DaveLewisPhotography.com) which encompasses everything from landscapes and travel to event and private weddings images for the wedding party only to view. In addition you can see more of my work with models at either of the two model related sites listed below.

I live in Seattle, Washington.