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I am an award winning filmmaker working on expanding my skills into photography. I’m already a cinematographer, and I love painting with light. I am building a varied portfolio of glamour, fashion, nude and just plain different shots. I like to work with a variety of styles and concepts. After all, the ability to do something different every day is why we all do this, isn’t it?

I RARELY UPDATE MY PORT HERE. If you want to see my most recent work, please go to my website, www.wolfstarstudio.com

If you're going to send me a friend request, please send me a message first and introduce yourself. Thanks.


AJ47 MM#719106
Thank you so much! I had an AWESOME time shooting. I have looked at these photos like 100 times. I think the hardest part is choosing for me. I had so much fun . . . I cant wait til we shoot again!

Veronica Howell MM# 2177353
Enjoyed working with you. You are a true professional and brought so much to the shoot! Love the creativity and extra elements you infuse. Looking forward to shooting with you again!

KStar MM# 1805278
YOU SO ROCK!!!!!! You have a genuine flair when it comes to capturing images 0 Yours skills are extraordinary and your passion creates nothing but the best! Looking forward to shooting with you again.


If you'd like to shoot with me, drop me a line at wolfstarstudio@gmail.com and be sure to include your MM# and a good cell phone number. I always talk with my models before shooting; it’s just easier to work out details than using email. Also, I DO NOT pay models. If you contact me for a shoot, and I like your look and think I can use you, it will be TFP. Otherwise, I can quote you a price for your project. I do however, like to collaborate with the model on TFP shoots.

That said, I AM looking for models for TFP work. If we do a TFP shoot together, just clear the day. I shoot all day long. We'll do at least 3-4 setups with multiple looks. Expect to put in 8-10 hours shooting. You'll get dozens of photos in a variety of styles and looks. If you're a new model with little to no experience, you should probably contact me. I am looking for a variety of female models between 18 and 40-ish. I have no problem with older models, and in fact some of my best models have been over 30. I have several shoots planned throughout the summer. I would love to work with new models and those looking to build a portfolio as well as more experienced models.

A note on escorts

I am willing to work with just about anyone, but for my own safety and that of my crew and equipment, I DO NOT allow escorts or chaperones . None of my models or actors ever have an escort, and none have ever needed one. I see no reason this should change. The only reason I could think of to have an escort is if the model is underage (in which case it’s required), but since I don’t work with underage models, this isn’t an issue. There is almost always someone else around the set (at a minimum my assistant, usually my wife) and I have found that extraneous people on the set, no matter how well behaved, always get in the way, are a liability, and in some cases a danger to myself, my crew and my models. You wouldn't bring a babysitter to any other job, you don't need to bring one to this job. We’re all professionals, or at least are trying to be, and we should act like it.


A m o u r a d a #835122 Highly recommended
Veronica Howell #2177353 Highly recommended
KStar #1805278 Highly recommended
Kimberly Boenker #294684 Highly recommended
AJ47 #719106
ChriS #507701
Kristin Nicolle #2099737
Jennifer D. Chapman #1948459
And several others not on MM.

NOT Recommended List (includes the flakes)
(photographers may e-mail me privately about a specific model)
Jennifer D. Chapman #1948459:
Mikki Rivera #711191
Whitney Wells #306340

Selected Works
By the Rising of the Star Director, Cinematographer
Concealed Carry on Campus Director, Writer, Cinematographer
Shamrockfest First Assistant Director, Camera Operator
Sons of the Brotherhood Cinematographer

Shakespeare in the Park Director
Fright Afloat IV, VI and VII Producer, Director, Set Designer/Builder