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About Me

I was born in October 4th, 1946. When I was born, the II World War was over. And since then we didn´t have another World War, thanks to God. We got very near, but now things are running better.
I begun using a camera in my teens and I love taking pictures of children, animals, women and nature.
By the moment, I use a Pentax ME-Super, with normal 55mm lens and a Telephoto Zoom Soligor 100-300mm.
My flsh is out of service, but I don´t mind. I don´t like to take flash pictures. I like to use natural light. The picture seems smoth with natural light.
I was born and lived in Belo Horizonte, one of the greatest cities in Brazil. By 100 km from my city, there is Ouro Preto, a marvelous place for taking pictures, with a lot of churches on the mountains.
I hope I can send my pictures to this site, in the purpose that they can be seem by other photographers around the world.
The only thing that can be bad is my bad English. We speak Portuguese around here.
If you are reading my profile and you are thinking in coming to Brazil for taking pictures, let me know. My email is or
I can give a little help managing your trip.


Milton Antonio Gomes
Rua Darcilio de Miranda, 450
Belo Horizonte - MG
Brazil - 30575-470