About Me

I'm currently enrolled in the Photography Certificate program at Langara College in Vancouver. I'm not yet certain as to which field of photography will be my forté, but I have found that I like working with creative people. This year, 2009 I'm going to continue to experiment with different styles to see where my passion lies.
It's really all about light and working with a model to capture that pose and expression that is the photographer's raison d'être.


11 Mar 11 03:55
The photographer who made this photo is really good :P
11 Mar 11 03:54
Thank you very much for this comment :)
12 Feb 11 15:19
Great port! I'd love to work with you!
14 Sep 09 21:08
Thanks for the add. Excellent port and photos. Big hugs, Marianne- WRS
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