About Me

Jim Westover Photography® and Redline Studios Utah®.
are the two company names you can find my Photography and Animated works under.
I am an artist and enjoy the creative
process of whatever media use to create my vision.
which is Currently Photography.

I am okay with escorts at the shoot as long as
they remain in the background and quiet..
I perfer paid work like most since I have bills and equiptment costs.
but, TF is sometimes acceptable depending on the look and the concept of the shoot.
here to make the most kick ass images my skills will get me.
I am NOT looking for a date or any kind of hookup! I am happily Married (13yrs.) I am in this to create long lasting images.
Very easy going flexible with shoot concepts. very open to trying the models concepts.
I like to laugh and joke and listen music and just have a good time.
I am very professional and treat models and crew with respect.
I have a green screen so doing fantasy or hollywood style images are always fun.
look forward to shoot with you!

Thanks for all of the great messages.

I have a few commercial clients I work with from time to time. If I have worked with
you on a shoot I will most likely use you on these paid shoots.

When I am not shooting I am Editing other photographer images mainly on the east coast.
I am school in Multimedia Design, Web Design, programming, etc.
Check out my website and you will see what I have done.


Chantal Alexis Cortez #579343*
Tanesha Mantlo #1031594*
Laura Fleming #456590*
Jenn Putnam #897512*
James Barden #723126
Justina Lindeman #850345*
KoCo Christina #1134327
Cassiandra #814818 R
Angela Arnold #546920*
Britney Carlson #1164251
Charli Rusniaczek #1191150
Miss Wright #541290
alexis ellis #725055
JJ Rodriguez #1062251
Daxton Farr #1369995

Di West*
Nicky Noll

Multiple Shoots=*


15 Aug 11 17:54
Thanks so much for the photo comment. So very much appreciated.
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