About Me

I am, & have been a photographer for many years now, love the art of creating something!! from that moment you
decide to press the shutter release button. my passion lies with fashion....Still working with film, but well on with my
photoshop skills, as for some shoots digital is as good, for me to work with.
Travel is also important to my photography, in love with New York & Paris. (photographs are beautiful)
Still looking for the time when I can exhibit my work at the "moma" museum, New York... & I will one day!!!
I use colour & b+w , love both.. but certain locations demand the sole use of b+w as does certain portraiture..
My favourite period of photography is in the 1920's to 1960's, wonderful work with dedicated photographers..
love glenn xx
photography is all that I can do, anything else just makes me blue..click at this, and click at that.. I'm not bothered
where I'm at, things to see .. and record..you can never get bored...... as long as you get it all stored........


laura webster.. top model .. move over Mate Koss here comes laura webster..


20 Dec 09 22:20
Thanks for the request :)
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