Reiko H - July 2009
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About Me

I have modeled when I was younger, and have decided that it's time for me to get back in action.
I'd like to live my dream, while I can. Since I have just got back in the industry, I have little pictures of myself.

So many new things going on with me right now...
I have just started living in New Zealand since July 2009, and prior to that, I have lived in America for 9 years, and in Japan for 9 Years.
I am about to go back to college to pursue an education in psychology, and possibly theatre.

I enjoy reading on a quiet afternoon, and cats are my favorite animal. I have done sports in high school, including track and field, volleyball, and if indeed it is a sport, marching band.

I am hard working and up for any challenge (without excess nudity). All I need is a chance for me to prove my word.


16 Sep 09 17:31
Welcome and best of luck.
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