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About Me

I am an actress model and singer. but I am very proud of my latest work which is a movie about my life and ex-plains me.
This movie spans several decades, several continents and several lovers. I was compelled to share the knowledge I have gained through these experiences. I documented my experiences of being a wealthy South African socialite and the effects of experiencing the terror and violence of the end of Apartheid first-hand (my 'surrogate' black father was savagely murdered amongst other other horrors.) I was recruited to be a top model but my mind was so fragile after what I had seen that I could not handle complicating my life with a fast-paced industry. I come from a family of over-achievers so it was not surprising to them at all when at 18 I got accepted by Oxford and Cambridge University. Eventually I chose to go to Cambridge University, the Sorbonne University in Paris and USC in California. I over-worked, gained IQ and lost EQ! I became suicidal after my manager at a job drugged and raped me. I shared my feelings with another suicidal girl who became my best friend. I think she was struggling with her sexual identity and apparent feelings toward girls. After I got married and left for the USA, she got involved in a scandal and as a consequence later committed suicide, driving me into further despair. After my husband was unfaithful, I applied for divorce and then left him. I then suffered the loss of my family fortune and the deaths of several people I loved the most. I moved to Asia and had long term multiple relationships. I chose eventually to live in Thailand and in so doing met colorful and often complex individuals (such as ladyboys and escorts) whilst filming my controversial reality based documentary about 'East meets West' (I also went on air for channel 5 t.v. UK). Fate chose for me to then become dirt poor and even going through starvation to make this reality based documentary (to the point I became involuntarily anorexic for several months and became extremely sick as a result (typhoid related)). I oddly enough met a tantric guru and had missionaries and messengers seek me out to give me messages, some of which I am obliged to share with the world through my film. It is my ultimate discovery of myself and the mystery and infinite beauty of God. It's my soul's journey and I hope my stories can help elevate other souls as well. It's kind of a strange story, too strange to be fiction. -Gia


me mostly


14 Aug 13 21:58
Wonderful portfolio. Hope we can work together sometime.
07 Apr 11 23:34
I am doing a book project using fine art nude shots. Look at my portfolio to get an idea of what I am looking to shoot. There are two B/W nude photos in my portfolio. If you are interested, let me know.
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