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About Me

Photography goes back, at least, 5 generations in my family, to the early to mid 1800's. My Great-great-grandfather took photos of James Garfield, one of which is a litho, on the 1882 $5 bill and the $20 Gold Certificate. My Great-grandfather was a professional photographer who took photos at the 1893 World's Fair, in Chicago, the Hawaiian Territory and on the front lines in France, during WWI.

Taking pictures was in my genes and in my blood from the start. I was raised taking pictures. Actually shooting with a Speed Graphic 4x5 Press Camera at a very early age and developing pix in a home darkroom. Then moved "up" to a 35mm. I developed a love for landscape and scenery photography, due to my dad's influence, but he also did some amazing portrait and model work, which he passed on to me.

I now shoot with a Canon 5D Mark II and with film when the opportunity arises.
The 5D shoots at 21.1 MP with full 1:1 sensor and is capable of full production HD video, at 30 fps, as well.

My current focus is equine/equestrian photography, or as I like to say, horses and their people.

When it comes to horse shows and events, I have shot Western/English, Trail, Trail Challenges, Hunter/Jumper, Dressage and a lot of Barrel Races...

I love the action shots, but I also like to catch candid shots, at my events, the "in the moment" shots! I enjoy capturing those special moments, on camera, of people being themselves... Out of this I began doing more portrait shoots, with an effort to catch the personality of the subject...

My previous event work is posted here:

I'm also on OMP:

I think of myself as an artist and a romantic, the latter probably my mom's french influence and I tend to put this "emotion" into my work. To me, every picture should tell a story and in some way, express that to the viewer.

I am interested in trying a wide variety of genres in photography and excited for the opportunities and possibilities ahead...



22 Nov 11 02:08
Hello and amazing port. I offer high quality digital services with creative concepts. There are some before and after examples on my profile. Best regards, Joe Diamond
15 Nov 11 23:54
Hi and welcome! Photo Retoucher here available for hire. Please feel free to add me on Facebook for updates, and a chance to win free photo retouches!
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