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About Me

I'll be in hawaii in June.

- good lighting
- athletic bodies
- jumping
- dance
- water
- gummi bears (haribo)
- fountain coke (with lots of ice)

- angel wings
- yellow caution tape
- wrinkled bed sheets as a background
- huge logos and watermarks on your image
- using the "blur" tool in photoshop to retouch skin
- nude "coffee table" book projects
- rose petals
- lame excuses for canceling
- pEopLE wHo wRiTe liKE Dis. what are we, 12?

- i was better at photoshop.
- i had $1 for every model who no-showed.

spelling guide for the challenged:
- "paid" not "payed"
- "prefer" not "perfer"
- "etc" not "ect"
- "heels" not "heals"
- more fun to come!

ah yes, the details:
if we decide we want to work together, i'll immediately give you my phone number and studio address. don't ask for directions...use google maps like a normal internet person. you probably didn't even know they have mass transit schedules built in that are FAR superior to hopstop. feel free to call anyone i've shot with for a reference. i don't meet with models beforehand to "talk." sorry, it's a mega waste of time.

if we shoot, you get a DVD of the full take when we are done. you sign a model release giving you promotional, but not commercial rights (i.e. you can't sell them). you have to listen to my mega mix on my itunes. don't worry, you will like it. i have music to suit every taste except for klezmer. if you're really nice, i might share my gummi bears with you. i will do limited retouching on 5-10 images if you are kewl and show up on time.



21 Jun 10 19:19
I have done rose petals and caution tape... Does that mean no likey?? :-((
13 May 10 07:59
Welcome to istudio!
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