About Me

Hi, my name is Josianna
I've been modeling since November 2008 am into exploring all aspects of it. I'd like to consider myself versitile and easy going. I'm very into makeup and fashion, especially vintage stuff. I'm like no one you've met before and i take pride in being unique, I'm also a very passionate person. Want to know anymore about me? Or are interested in a shoot? email me at josiannamodel@gmail.com

Piercings: I have each ear pieced and a small stud on the right side of my nose.


02 Oct 13 18:04
I wonder if you will get an email from this? :P Let me know if you ever get back on...
21 Jun 10 14:09
20 Nov 09 13:11
Thank you and I really need to come to Fredrick.
15 Oct 09 19:07
Nice look. Interested on a shoot?
25 Sep 09 16:27
Welcome! Love your style.
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