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About Me

Here it is.

I know a few models here. They've been great to me and they've stuck with me through thick and thin. Any work I get, anything that gets done, they get rights of first refusal.

Anyone I've shot with. Anyone I've done anything with, gets submitted to new clients, new opportunities, anything that happens, second. I do want to shoot, and meet new girls and get them on that list, but it's going to come a little slower.

I'm looking for beautiful, cool, elegant, sexy, heart, soul, sizzle, sweat. I want someone on the edge, and knowing what they're doing there. If that's you, and I have a chance to shoot you or know you, or both, I want to.

Everyone else, I'm looking at portfolios, pages, and everything else. But I have to be convinced that you are better than anyone else, that I can trust you as much, if not more, than an agency.

I am VERY MUCH about beauty, creativity, sexy, hot, and elegant. I push the envelope, demand as much as I can of you, and myself, but for me, I have to have a little trust, honesty and integrity. I can't simply trust my life and my business with someone who throws up a great picture and a fee schedule. I'm not in the right world for that.

I've written this out elsewhere, just never here on MM. Hope anyone who reads this understands.


Italian Vogue, British Vogue, French Vogue, German Vogue, German Playboy, American Maxim, American Gear, John Galliano, Franco Moschino, Gianfranco Ferre, Carolina Herrera, Vivienne Tam, blah, blah, blah. Maybe it matters at some point, but the point is to get the work now and keep getting it.
I dropped out for awhile. 9/11 happened and I had to pick up a few pieces. Well I'm not the only one and shit happened to other people over the years too. But I'm baaaaaaaaccccck!


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Beautiful work!
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