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About Me

Photography is a "liquid" artform. It is always moving, changing, evolving. That is why I love it and us it to capture life in all aspects. If I make some money from it, all the better, but I have a regular job to pay the bills, so the almighty buck$ are not what matter.

I often will shoot random people, landscapes, buildings, a broken toy, etc., just because it has a unique look to me. Sometimes the shots turn out and sometimes not, but you never know what a "quick click" will yield until you try it. Most of my photography is "natural light" work. I ALWAYS have my camera with me, just in case something or someone catches my eye. ;-)

(More of my work can be seen at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Hooley-Sh … 61?ref=sgm)


Models I have worked with:
Liz - MM#132272
Thresa - MM#97411
Rachael - MM#1465
Melissa - MM#28784
Wynette - MM#191064
Natashia Rose - MM#375016
Tiffany - MM#479778
Ames819 - MM#451382
Sofia Pearl - MM#477222
Jeremy - MM#877632
Miss Jordin - MM#1131644
Miss Courtnie - MM#1330491
Kjersti Grammer - MM#1155229
Erica Mitchell - MM#1233343

MakeUpByKari - MM#795375