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Hello istudio,

my name is Adrian Tellado im a personal trainer....I'm born and raised in New York...love the big city....currently trying to break into the model and film industry......I've done a couple portfolio shoots one being with a vibe magazine photographer. And have been trying to break way ever since.....im fun, easy going, and a quick learner up and willing for almost anything ;-)


06 Nov 10 11:02
Great port!
04 Jun 10 10:58
19 May 10 20:09
Adrian, If you need anything we are all here and if you are interested in contributing to our magazine, feel free to message me: http://www.ModelingINTl.com/
27 Jan 10 05:46
man, you have it all great face, awesome body and fantastic attitude!
03 Jan 10 11:01
Great edgy look and featured imagery!
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