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How this all got started, well i went to chilliecothie oh. in 97 to the easy riders rodeo and I cut up a pair for the girl I was with at the time, just the front and back of the legs, and she got a lot of comments so i thought, (they were hot), and my dad wasn't getting the proper care, so i gave up a 100.000 dollar a year mail contract,and started taking care of my parents, i brought them to Fla in winter and WV in the summer and i did that for 14 years,my dad was a stroke paition and my mom was elderly, and in the last year l lost my dad, mom and my little dog Grandy,so to keep from going crazy i started the jeans thing up again, and taking it to the next level and doing the tops and the slits on the side of the pockets, not all of my jeans are the same, just like not all the women are the same but all the jeans have ben bought and loved before, i start out with the best, and the most soute out , from Tommy,American,Lei i have Lucky's,sevens,and most of the other brands you know and love, with over 3000 pairs just in my 5 bedroom house,2 bedrooms are full,and my living room too, and every weekend getting sometimes as many as 50-75 and up pairs more,i am a yard sale junky,anyway,so i buy the best jeans i can find,(recycle is good, Right) and sex sells so i started the web site,JCSSEXJEANS.COM and found a model that inspired me and we went to some shows and to daytona,and they were going crazy for them, so i kept at it,then my model went back to her abusive boyfriend,and i lost the wind out of my sail,but kept going to bike nights at Quaker,stake&lube,and sold them there,and when these girls would buy a pair,and they loved them and they would wear them and how sexy they felt,they are (the sexist pair of jeans on the planet tm.),hence the name JCSSEXJEANS.COM was born, now I'm looking for a model that can put the wind back in my sail,and work with me on these,They were to be on TV.the Discovery channel,(and still can be) on web shows and in mags.but the hard part is,finding a model/ girl/businesswoman, that is able to fill out the (sexiest jeans on the planet TM)and be smokin hot, with a great personality, that can do TV shows and interview people,and travel to bike shows and other places, I can make it happen,I just need someone, it can happen to.......jc the future remains to be seen, If you have what it takes to help make a jeans business,that has the name(JCSSEXJEANS.COM, THE SEXIEST JEANS ON THE PLANETtm.) call me 304 610-3053,my cell,and I'm in Clearwater,or e-mail me at jc@jcssexjeans.com.....