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PLEASE NOTE: If you are a model and send me a friend request or accept my request, I will assume that you have read this, are interested in working with me and that you are comfortable with full nudity and trade arrangements. I don't mean to be rude, but if this is not the case please don't waste my time or yours.

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Ward George is a contemporary representational artist interested primarily in the female nude.

Having made off with his mother’s paint box at the age of nine, Mr. George received his training privately and, formally, at the University of Wisconsin. Although deeply influenced by modern art and its philosophies, he soon embarked on a deeper study of the whole of Western Art. As a result, he has built a foundation drawing from the depth of western tradition as well as more contemporary sources.

Mr. George has chosen the nude as an expressive vehicle for three reasons:
• first, it is the foundation of Western Art;
• second, it is an art form in and of itself;
• third, and most importantly, because of his natural sympathies for the human figure and the challenges and opportunities it presents.

Believing that an artist must bring intellect, emotion and technique to his work, he has taken what he considers of greatest aesthetic value from artists as varied as Rembrandt and Picasso, de Kooning and Ingres, Rodin and Welliver, Matisse, Wyeth, Rubens and Pearlstein.

Mr. George's work hangs in private collections throughout the world.


2009 - Florence Bienale (December), Florence, Italy
2004 - GQ Magazine (German edition), Online publication
2003 - STERN magazine online (August), Online publication
2003 - STERN magazine online (July), Online publication
2001 - Matisse Galleries, Rome, Italy
2001 - Silvestri International Artist Award 2001
2001 - Abusuan Galleries and Vallisa Galleries, Bari, Italy
2001 - ArtExpo 2001, Pascali Museum, Bari, Italy
1994 - The Priva B. Gross International Juried Exhibition, New York
1993 - Bronze Award for Traditional Works on Paper, Art of California Magazine Discovery Awards
1992 - Sierra Gallery, Lake Tahoe
1992 - Silver Award for Works on Paper, Art of California Magazine Discovery Awards


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