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I am brand new to this site. I have seen a lot of really beautiful people on here as well as some fantastic photography. Any advice, insight or leads would be greatly appreciated...
...i must say that i am very young but intelligent and i take business as business & playtime as playtime :D

im outgoing,into church alot and love hanging around my family & friends.
im used to people telling me i should be a model BUT i find myself with the ability to take great photos & also an amazing talent of graphic designing.

soooo, wen i go to college im going to major in photography & graphic designing so i can be able to do what i love later on in life.

i came across this website [accidentally but i think it was meant to be so here i am]
please look over my pictures and give feedback because i want to know what i need to improve on and so on.

thankz guyz =]




dream light photo editor
magic photo editor
and MORE! [i think] lol


12 Nov 09 11:26
nice port
01 Nov 09 23:23
thank you very much :)
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