About Me

Vocal training: 1995 - present
Opera, Classical, Musical Theatre, Jazz

Acting Training: 2005 - 2008 (inclusive)
Ensemble Acting Studios
Sydney, Australia

Acting for Camera Training:
Workshop: Marcus Graham - Acting within the confines
Classes: On Camera Connections - Sandra Lee Patterson



October 2009 Bendon Limited
DimitySo Lingerie print/blog campaign


June 2009 Foxtel Series (Beyond Productions)
(In post Production) “Deadly Women”
Episode 11: Sharon Kinne by James Knox
Directed by James Knox
Role of Sharon Kinne


November 2008 Short Film
“AXEL” By Karishma Punjabi
Directed by Karishma Punjabi
Role of Melinda

November 2008 Short Film
“This Evil Lonely Love” By David Austrem
Directed by David Austrem
Role of Lisa

November 2008 Short Film
“Beautiful Life” By Sun Tae Kim & Byang Chol Choi
Directed by Byang Chol Choi
Role of Office Worker


For Ensemble Theatre:

August - October 2008 “Wrong Turn at Lungfish” By Garry Marshall and Lowell Ganz
Directed by Andrew Doyle
Role of the Nurse

For Ensemble Studios:

January 2008 “Some Girls” By Neil La Bute
Directed by Andrew Doyle
Role of Tyler

October 2007 “5 Women Wearing the Same Dress” By Claire Booth
Directed by Leo Sorbello
Role of Frances

May & August 2007 “Showtime” (Musical) By Rebecca Kypri
Directed by Rebecca Kypri
Role of Elly the Emu

July 2007 “The Chair Affair”
Directed by Darren Vizer
Group movement piece/ self devised

March 2007 “A Voice of My Own” By Elinor Jones
Directed by Jodi Speight
Roles of Margaret Cavendish,
Robert Southey & Vocal Soloist

November 2006 “Morning Sacrifice” By Dymphna Cusack
Directed by Chris Lewis
Role of Miss Bates

July 2006 “Playgoers” By Arthur Pinero
Directed by Jennifer Don
Role of the Cook

April 2006 “The Water Engine” By David Mamet
Directed by Sam Wilcox
Roles: Chain Letter, Secretary, Barker, Lady 1, Operator.


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