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Just like VHS and Betamax... or for most geeks DVD+R and DVD-R - you take your chances and place your bets, you cover both sides... or you simply wait till there's a clear winner.

Personally since I don't possess a flat screen bigger than 32in, I see little reason to jump on the BluRay bandwagon... nor did I see a reason to jump on the HD bandwagon... I don't buy movies, I use netflix... I'm more interested in something that reads my DIVX rips and looks good on my TVs than something that supports 1080p.

Smart money is on Upscaling HDMI DVD for now... till a day comes that Blu is the common and inexpensive.

Which is why he's saying it's lagging in adoption - more and more people are coming to the realization that they don't need blu yet... that it isn't going to rock their worlds.

Kudos that "the format" for HighDef DVD has been choosen... but deep down inside it wasn't the merits of the format that won the battle (just like VHS) it was the fact that Sony learned... and paid alot of $$$ to get people to only market THEIR product... I'm not going Blu till I can get a GOOD player for less than $80-$100


at very a few magazine papers, most times at home by email

One would think that those who bought into HD-DVD had already been converted to the desire for a hard HD media format, and that with the advent of BR winning the format war, that they would already be buying BR titles.

But I love the talk of "being able to retire" an already purchased HD-DVD player for which they already have competative quality titles.

Afterall, the primary concern is evidently now the additional 1u rack space that 'retiring' that HD-DVD unit affords along with the ability to spend still more money to simply duplicate what one already has.

Anyone buying into that asinine rational, not only directly contradicts the primary reason for their going with HD-DVD in the first place, but makes it readily apparent why they might now pay more simply to 'retire' a perfectly good player with perfectly adequate media providing them absolutely no additional functionality.

But then these same dweebs rationalize replacing of their car as soon as the same model is offered in a new color, as theirs has been "relegated to the junkyard of failed technology".

The marketing mavens just live for this sort of idiocy.