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Here to work with models, makeup artist, hairstylist, and other photographers. Who can help me create my ideas or I can help them with theirs. I'm easy to work with so if you have a idea you needs some help with don't hesitate to ask me.

Please don't waste my time only serious inquiries.

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If you're interested in doing a TFP shoot with me please don't hesitate to ask. I'm willing to hear your ideas and help you with them if I think they will benefit both of us.


I don't do any TF shoots with minors. So don't ask.

Female models can come with an escort as long as it is another female at least 18 years old.

Male models must come alone. You're men, you don't need an escort.

I don't provide a makeup artist, hairstylist, or a wardrobe person for any TFP shoot because many models tend to cancel at the last minute or not even show up. I don't want to end up playing the sorry game with those people.

I do allow you to have your own team but they must have an account with MM or another modeling website. The account numbers or sites must be provided before the shoot. For female models that have a team showing up should not come with an escort. Too many people can be distracting.

I like to process my pictures so I do not provide a CD at the end of the shoot. I do allow the models to look through the pictures and delete any unflattering photos. I will provide a CD with all the pictures after I process the images.

I will only retouch five photos of your choosing. Because editing can take a few hours depending on the picture. I do edit pictures that I like and will provide you with those too. Clarification, processing is different from retouching photos. There will be an extra fee for retouching photos. .

Models must sign a model release form. For paid shoots, all pictures belong to the model.

Question of Nudity.

I will never ask a model to do any nudity. I would only do nudes with models that ask for it and only if it's tasteful. Any photographer that ask you to do that when you have never done it before is only trying to see you naked. I think that a professional photographer would only work with professional nude models because they are comfortable in their own skin. The result would be great pictures opposed to shooting someone who has never done nudes before will only result in uncomfortable looking pictures.


26 Feb 10 15:13
thankz for the add :)
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