About Me

My name is JamiDawn, and I welcome you all to my page.

I believe that everyone is Beautiful, regardless of age, race, size, shape, or gender. There is always something beautiful about everyone. It is the Photographers job to capture that beautiful something. Modeling isn't about just being another "gorgeous face", it should come from the heart. What you feel on the inside will shine through to the outside, and present itself in a photo.

I have dreamed of being a model since the age 4. I would play in my mom's make-up, shoes and clothes, and pose in front of the mirror, mocking models in magazines. It is a passion of mine, and always will be.

I used to be 427lbs, and after losing 267lbs, I am finally living my dream. I work with one photographer, Jason Durst, JD Photograhy, and one photographer only. You probably notice, that in my portfolio, none of my pics have been edited? Jason and I do not believe in "downgrading" a model with photoshop. So, these photos are ME, scars and all!

If you have any projects you think we might fit, leave us a message, and we will gladly reply.
Thanks for looking,


Jason Durst, JD Photography