About Me

Hello and thank you for looking at my portfolio.

My name is Roger Rich and I am located in north Alabama.
I am currently starting to rebuild my port after taking several years off.
Photography is a passion and I love being behind the camera and creating beautiful imagery.I look at it as an art . And if I learn a thing or two on a shoot that's always a plus.

I'm currently only Shooting TF/CD and Payed.
If you would like my RATES please just ask.

I consider myself creative and an outgoing,fun person. I'm pretty laid back and open minded if you have an idea that would both benefit our ports I'm willing to listen. I'm confident in myself and will put 100% into each shot.

While Paying work takes priority,If you have a pleasant appearance and attitude,I am willing to shoot on a TF/CD Basis. That's if it benefits both the model and my portfolio.
1) You will receive a CD with all images shot.
2) I will go through and edit select images and include those on the CD as well.
3) I will require a model release form signed.

I'm interested in location portrait, Casual, Swim wear, and Web But if you have an idea or request, just ask.I've had good success with Gothic, Implied, and Artistic nudes.I'm willing to work with your needs if I feel comfortable with the model.

I don't mind friends/boyfriends/whoever coming to a shoot. However, I'm not looking for a date, please let them know this. As long as they do not disrupt the shoot, anyone is welcome.

I enjoy finding new and scenic places so travel is negotiable.