About Me

I am a professional photographer who is always looking to expand and improve my portfolio. My work has appeared in commercial publications, travel guides, and on professional websites of many kinds. When shooting for my own portfolio, I am typically much more interested in artistic and 'alternative' projects than just plain glamour or fashion.

I am open to working with models of all shapes, sizes and walks of life. I don't always charge for my services if there is an opportunity to collaborate on interesting projects, so if you think you could add something to my portfolio, feel free to contact me.

I shoot in digital and film and make liberal use of Photoshop to achieve the results I want. I think I am the perfect fit for the model that wants to expand their portfolio to include more artistic work in addition to fashion and glamour. I would love to find models interested in re-creating classic pin-up styles or modern alternative material.


I will not shoot with anyone younger than 18 years of age unless it's for a commercial project or client and a parent or guardian is present.