About Me

Thanks for looking at my portfolio! My name is Kathleen, i am based in my hometown of Canberra but currently am in Wagga Wagga during the week for university! I travel back to Canberra most weekends but am happy to travel elsewhere also.
I am a bright bubbly personality who loves to dress up and create new looks. I'm easy going and take direction well. I love the creative side of modeling and photography, watching yourself transform into someone, or something, else.
I have a great love of fashion, makeup and, in particular, hair. I love to test out new colours and looks and am definitely not scared of the unknown!
I have had enough modeling experience to pick things up quite quickly and have some photography experience which definitely benefits me on the other side of the camera. I love meeting new people and doing new things. My motto is "try everything once!"
I would like to try lots of different styles, so if you have an 'out there' idea just give me a buzz!!!
I believe i have an excellent attitude towards modeling and photographers i have worked with can vouch for that. I am understanding, not easily offended and very open to new ideas.
I have worked in all kinds of conditions, particularly rain (i seem to attract it!) so I'm tough enough to produce good shots in difficult weather!
I have a few piercings, nothing major - navel, nose, tragus and ears, and one small tattoo on the inside of my right ankle bone (shamrock 20cent piece size).
I love doing nude work, but very tasteful, artistic kind of work. Not pornographic style stuff.
I am not able to do TF at the moment due to my uni student status but will definitely consider work if you can come to me or just cover my costs and have an awesome idea.
I'd love to hear from you if you like my look and think you want to work with me! :)


08 May 16 09:49
Great port :)
12 Mar 10 08:00
Beautiful port, just found is so hard to pic a fav. Well done!! Best wishes, Boris:-)
18 Dec 09 20:51
Would love to shoot you underwater!
06 Dec 09 03:54
Welcome to iStudio. Great RED.
05 Dec 09 01:59
I love your port!
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