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I'm Mark and I have been a professional Make Up Artist for over 15 years. I have always been artistic and creative. I went to Joe Blasco Make Up Center in Orlando. There I learned more about beauty, corrective, character, tattoos, bald caps, and special effects injury simulation. I have also trained extensively with Dan Read of Dan Read Cosmetics. I have had the opportunity to work with him on several occasions. I'm friendly, hard working and I am always prompt and professional. I can be counted on being where I need to be, when I need to be. I take pride in the fact that I can make whoever is in the chair to feel relaxed and have fun while they are there. I have worked in film, video, television, live satellite media tours and I also do wedding make up. I also do special effects make up and body painting.

I am one of three make up artists selected for the reality show "Shut Up and Model!" It is always hectic, but fun as well. All the models and photographers were great to work with and we all had a lot of fun. I look forward to more experiences doing make up for SUAM.

Currently I am the exclusive make up artist for Boeing World Headquarters in Chicago.

I am also now the exclusive make up artist for any and all Giordano's Pizza commercials.

Some of the recent projects I have worked on include:

* "Shut Up and Model!" reality show.
* I did a SMT for "Dead Famous: Ghostly Encounters" for
the Biography Channel.
* The Miss Illinois Pageant
* A show on Animal Planet called "Amazing Animal
Inventions" hosted by Debra Wilson (formerly from
Mad TV).
* Makeup for all the 2004 U.S Olympic Hall of Fame
* A commercial for a Kentucky Hospital.
* Makeup for interviews with Mayor Richard M. Daley's
family for a documentary.
* Several things for Fox News Channel.
* Make up for a live commercial for Bud Light during the
last episode of "Friends".
* "To Kill a Killer" Independent film where I was the
entire makeup department as well as special effects

I also do parties for kids where I do injury simulation or little beauties.

***Besides doing make up and special effects, I am also an illustrator and a scenic painter. Please be sure to check out my own personal site to check out all the different things I do. Thank you.


***I did the paint for this book cover (original image shot by Michael Rosen MM # 1941) (Model Brandimarie MM # 13955)and I'm featured in it as well.***


***I did the Pilot for "Chicago's Next Top Model". The series was supposed to be starting around November. I have no idea when it actually will.****

***I did make up for an an episode of "Designing Spaces". I didn't "make up" the space, but the people on there. :) ***

***I was the Body Paint Supervisor for a HUGE P.R event in Chicago for Jose Cuervo. I was in charge of overseeing the painting of 150 models for this event. I also painted the models they wanted for their photoshoot as well as media exposure on NBC, ABC and WGN. We painted the 150 models in less than three hours. Everyone did a fantastic job.***

***National Safety Council***
This will be the NEW video that all the hospitals, fire departments etc, will be watching to learn First Aid. I got to replicate a second degree and third degree burn, a chemical burn, hypothermia, a heart attack, shock, a forehead injury from a falling projection screen, several injuries caused by hitting a forklift (or should I say it hit him) and sweat. *** the last video I did with them won a Summit Award.***

***Inpsire International Haircolor Stylebook***
It is one of those hair style books when you go into a salon. I did make up on several models. Every model I worked on, I will be listed as make up artist. This has been published in over 40 countries. Woo hoo!!!!!!

A video I did for Sears won a Cleo Award


23 Feb 12 15:42
thanks for the friendship neighbor! let me know if you'd like to shoot!
14 Mar 10 22:38
Omg.. I love your paintings they are so realistic. It shows you take time to perfect each model.. Keep up the good work
05 Mar 10 17:30
Thanks for the FR
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