About Me

Hello all,

Urgently looking for someone unique, ready to shine like a star.

After a lifetime of pro still photography I just last week made my VERY FIRST video... NOT TOO BAD but still got a lot to learn LOL.

And I especially love to teach ‘Perfect English Enunciation’ to those who use English as a ‘second language’ (and actors and singers from anywhere :). It is a simple and fast system unlike any other – often ‘accents’ disappear in only a few days...

I do travel anywhere for the right model and location... But I can offer Free tuition, folios pics etc for models actors who will work with me on my many projects. Free accommodation also can be arranged for traveling models -- but its a long way to the city from here at my rural picturesque paradise -- koalas, dingoes, emus, kangaroos are common hereabouts.

And yes - a Bus route is nearby... So don't be afraid to call, sms, phone or write to trev wilkins, 10325 Chinchilla Wondai Road, Durong, Queensland Australia 4610

Kind Karma to all... Trev


14 May 15 18:32
Lovely work! Keep it up.
12 May 15 15:25
Nice work!
14 May 12 09:59
Yes, we will shoot then ;)
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