About Me

Okie dokie, time for me to waffle on a little...

I am a young enthusiastic photographer that has a keen interest in photography.

After studying photography as part of my degree in University I am keen to expand my portfolio and level of experience.

I am looking to capture scene, role, or action within an image. My aim is to create an image that isn't flawless, has character, makes someone smile, or perhaps makes the viewer think "€œwhat is going on there€" "€œwhat is the person thinking" etc.

Otherwise I am very easy going, happy to discuss ideas with any model... after all we will be working together, it makes us both happy, we both get what we want out of the shoot... and of course two heads are better than one.

If that sounds of interest, feel free to send me a message and lets put our heads together and discuss some ideas over a coffee.