About Me

"Places stay the same. People change but memories last forever. This is how so many places around the world come into existence. Fresh and natural landscapes evolve, marking the dynamics of life. Houses and buildings are constructed one after another, marking the twists and turns of human culture. Photographs records all events as they are; honestly and openly. Through a photo, time seems to stop and a moment is made eternal. Exploring photos frame by frame is like treading tracks of time." #KS

I'm an Indonesian photographer, live in Yogyakarta but my hometown from Jakarta, sometimes travel to other cities.

I'm currently looking for models interested in collaborating in creative projects for a soon to be released book, ladies, any age over 16 , with or without experience.

contact me:
facebook : www.facebook.com/wedwedwed
twitter : www.twitter.com/wedwedwed
YM : widhi_keyen
PIN BB : 21386AA0


I would like to give a big thanks to my mentors :

Kristupa Saragih
Remigious Budhi Isworo