About Me

biography :
Actor, director, screenwriter and author, was born in Paris in December '65. He began his career as an actor, right after graduating from the School of Theatre "The ladder". Join more than 30 film and television productions with leading roles or supporting actor: Facts of Banda Magliana (2004), Cover Boy (2006), The Dowsing (2007).
Since 1999, the year's directorial debut, to date, he made numerous and varied work that
spot: "Video to sponsor the Association for International Humanitarian WORLD LIFE PROGRAMME, broadcast on national networks in 2006 in Los Angeles to shoot Reality Killers (subject-writer-director), horror film inspired by real-tv and snuff movie (illegal movie filmed live with death) and, in the same year, he was appointed director of my Mom that Dad. In the Spring of 2007 leaves for South America with journalist Marco Dolcetta to film two documentaries for national television networks: Hitler in Argentina (45 ') into the alleged leak of Hitler in South America and The Water (45') on 'importance of water and its economic exploitation. In November 2007, turning "rubbish as is" (idea and direction), a documentary on the garbage problem in Naples. Currently a member of the committee promoting the film "All Human Rights for All", episodic film inspired by the 30 articles of the Declaration of Human Rights conducted by 30 major directors of Italian cinema. In 2010 he wrote and directed the film "5".