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 Imperial (lbs/in.)
 Metric (kg/cm.)
Weight:110 lbs
Measurements:32-30-34 in
Shoe Size:8
Hair Color:Red
Hair Length:Long
Eye Color:Blue
Ethnicity :Other
Skin Color:White
Join:9 Feb 2007

About Me

Current stuff:

My hair has CHANGED and I have no current pictures of what it looks like at the moment. Sorry. It's currently bleached blond with a black overlay on top (kinda like a reverse skunk) I'm going for a more wilder look now, so look for even more hair and/or tattoo changes over the next year or so.

I'm currently backing away from TFP/CD shoots unless it's a group shoot, or I'm currently planning things with you. I need to pay my bills right now and can't afford to take a lot of time off of work for free shoots. So sorry, drop me a note and I'll let you know when I can afford to do TFPs again.

Will work for ink/food/cash/check/money order/cigarettes/shiny objects/clothes/makeup/salon and/or spa trip

My site is slowly being updated. I have more pictures up there, but it's far from finished. Keep checking back!

About Shoots:

- I don't do PORN! I will do adult-style, playful, flirty, exotic and fetish nudes, but I'm not a pornstar. Stop asking. Please!

-I will work with other models, both male and female (or both). Group shots are fine.

-I own all my own outfits and props, but I'm open to trying other people's things.

-I do my own hair and makeup, although I'm willing to let other people have a crack at it. I'm actually looking for a good stylist who also wants to increase their portfolio.

-I am comfortable around most animals but if a dog growls at me I won't work with it.

-If I have never worked with you before, or the trip is a long one (more then an hour away), I will insist on bringing an escort (male or female, photographer's choice) Please don't try and talk me out of it.

-I will do shoots outdoors or indoors, rain, snow or shine, as long as I know ahead of time and am not ill.

-I'm fine with doing nude or partially nude shoots, but I must have notice before hand and photographer must allow me to bring an escort/another model. If I can't bring someone with me and you refuse to discuss it, don't even bother to ask. Any of these type of shoots I would do I expect to be tasteful (no pink), and I must receive copies everything. (most of this is totally void if we are shooting specifically submission work for magazines/websites or I'm getting paid outright) I normally charge for nude shoots, but price isn't set in stone.
--- If I don't charge then the model release must give equal rights to both of us for use and selling rights of prints (non-submission/publishing).---

-A note on bondage: Yes, I love bondage, and enjoy looking at it very much, but I will not be tied up for a TFP/CD shoot. I am a Dom, and don't like to be portrayed in such a way. If you'd like to tie me up I expect to be paid. Ask me for my prices -and- send me a link to some of your better work and I'll consider. Money talks, what can I say *smirks*

-I'm always looking for paid work. If we shoot a set and talk about it ahead of time, I can submit things to different magazines and/or websites and I'll give you a cut of whatever I get for the set. Photographer/MUA's cut will be based on what I receive for it.

-Normally- I will -NOT- travel out of my area (for a TFP/CD) due to lack of funds, my gas-hog car, and car troubles at the moment, but out-of-town shoots can be done if I have enough notice ahead of time or you're willing to pay travel expenses for my ride (gas money)
Gas/babysitter money is appreciated.

What I'd like to accomplish:
-I'm hoping by next winter to do a fully nude shoot in the snow. I'm not sure how it will pan out, but I've been thinking about it for a while. I'm just looking for the right photographer to do it with.

-I'd also like to do some alt. fashion work. I love strange outfits and props.

-Possibly some cheesecake/pin-up style work, but I don't have many outfits for a shoot like this yet. I'm also in need of a stylist for a shoot like this. Definately a group project.

-Smoking shots!!! There's just something about a woman smoking a cigar or a cigarette.... or something else *shifty eyes* This is huge for me, and I love these sorts of shoots.

-I'd like to do a shoot (possibly nude) in some of the natural caves in my area, or possibly some nudes in a stream. (as you can tell I'm obsessed with outdoor nudes). This may require some
sneaking around, so I'll need a photographer who's willing to take some risks for the better of both of our portfolios.

- Some fetish work. (feet, nipples, legs, butt, back)

27 Most often mistaken for being 16-22

very thin, rather muscular.
32 bust
31 waist
35 hips
28 inseam
21 1/2 thigh
11 bicep

I have a rather large tattoo on my back of a pair of dragon wings, but they can be mostly covered by my hair. I also have a large spider tattoo on my right hip. Yes you're more then welcome to photoshop them out if you shoot with me (Though I would like the originals) and yes I'm planning on getting more.

Two in each ear, tongue

None visible but I do have light stretch marks (barely noticable) along my hips. I have a few small chickenpox scars on my face, but with the right makeup they disappear.

Currently my hair is a deep reddish-brown with black bangs (long as the rest of my hair) and has reddish-orange streaks. I usually wear it straight, though it's naturally curly. It hangs an inch or two past my shoulders when straight. I also have dreadfalls I can attach to my hair that are red and black (getting other colors soon), and fall to my belly button.

Full time mother of one and currently working as a dancer so my time on the weekends is limited. My schedule is flexible but I rarely schedule shoots on weekends unless it's a paid job.

I'm mostly German/Finnish with a bit of Native American (most obvious if I ever decide to tan up again) splashed in for flavor.
I've been an exotic dancer for about six years, I'm rather flexible, I have martial arts and some classic dance training, and I'm really crappy at most sports *chuckles* I enjoy cosplay, RPGs, and anything else that requires me to get dressed up. I also like animals of all types, nature, the occult/religion, computers, games, music, and good 'ol R&R.

Wanna contact me?
Please email me or leave me a message on this site. I will respond to any serious messages as soon as I read them. It usually takes no longer then three days for me to get my messages. If you email me at my IvyLynnVater (at) gmail.com account, please, please, -please- state in the subject that you saw me on One Mod el Place (or OMP). I DO NOT open messages from people I don't know unless the subject regards a site I'm involved with. Thank you.

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