About Me

Mr E Manzana...magician, caricaturist , DJ and entertainer. I have recently completed a street magic dvd special in KL under EZS Mix Production & Universal Music (Malaysia) I am currently in post production for a horror feature film entitled 'Syirik - the accursed'

I am a visionary and always find a way to make my dreams and those around me come true..nothing is without hard work and preserverence.

I am a fan of metal music but I do listen to other genres as long as it is not tecno or dangdut! I enjoy horror flicks with guts and blood in them!

Magic has been my passion..to me it provides wonders and amusement to one's mundane life. But do bear in mind that magicians are not linked to the supernatural..

Drawing is also my passion in life,started out as a comic artist I am now one of the fastest caricaturist in Singapore. I am a member of ACAS (association of comic artists singapore) and currently teaching on Saturdays....maybe I will draw a caricature of you one day......


April 2000 - Hosted 3rd China Asia Muslim trade expo

Jun 2000 - First appearence in local malay comic 'Tak Kering Gusi'

March 2003 - hosted opening of PILLARS Youth center @ Arab association

2004 - 2005 - resident DJ @ Beaver's Pub

July 2005 - emcee @ magician for Toni & Guy graduation night @ Gotham penthouse

August 2006 - magician & emcee for opening of Samundar Restaurant @ Pahlawan beach Sentosa

December 2005 & 2006 - hosted year end bash for Orchard Hotel