About Me

1. I do B&W and tinting photography.

2. I am here to network and work with talented people to create mutually beneficial work.

3. I usually do three looks per each session that ensures something for everyone.

4. I am very organized, and would need equally serious models to work with, as renting studio, carving out precious time all require costs and commitment.

T - 1 Week = concept plan (need your email address)
T - 3 Days = sync up call (need your phone number)
T - 1 Day = confirmation call
T = Shoot day!!
T + 1 Day = proof provided
T + 1 Week = photo-finished photos provided

5. I don't pay models. If you think I am good, that means you will likely benefit from me, which I just don't think is something that I should pay for. At the same time, models don't need to pay me either! :-)

Actually, I am super easy to work with, always fun to shoot with... You will have a good time with great results with me! :-)

Let's make 2010 a break through year!!!