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About Me

I make photographs.

What you see on this page are a few examples of my work. I work primarily in black and white, but you might see a colour shot pop up here once in a while. I am basically a portrait photographer, except the people in my portraits are, for the most part, not wearing any clothes.

Yes, I also make photographs of my dogs and other animals, although I do not ask them to pose nude for me. Oh, and in case you can't figure it out by looking at the photographs...yes, I love my dogs.

Speaking of dogs, if you are looking at these photographs of mine, you will notice several photographs of dogs which were made at a local animal rescue facility. Every year in the United States, 8 to 10 million unwanted, abandoned, and abused companion animals are euthanized (Source: Humane Society of the United States), often by less than humane methods. Putting it more bluntly, that means they are simply killed because no one wants them. 8 to 10 million. Stop for a minute and think about those numbers. Compare those numbers to the human population of whatever city you live in to get some idea of the magnitude of the situation. I urge each and every one of you who looks at my photographs to support your local humane society and other local animal rescue organizations in any way you can...in whatever city and state you live in. Imagine the good you can do if you just take the time to care...imagine the difference you could make in an animal's life.

To put it in a better perspective: If you are wearing a watch that has a second hand, or can look up from your computer and see a clock with a second hand, stop reading this...look at your watch or clock, and watch as the second hand ticks off ten seconds. It doesn't take long, does it...maybe about as long as it's taken you to read this paragraph? In America, an animal is beaten or abused every ten seconds of every day (Source: ASPCA). Think about that.

My sincere thanks to everyone who has left an acknowledgement or a comment on my page, and thank you for taking the time to look at my photographs.