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About Me

/! if you're sending me a friend request thanks for mailing why. I only keep incredible artists or people willing to work with me to help with organisation. /!

Do not read if you don't have any sense of humour. I'm far from being a diva.

Hi there,

I'm Maêva, 19, french.
Modeling in my point of view, isn't being part of something but create this thing. I believe it's hard work and difficult but it's my favorite way to express myself. I don't do it for money or for self estime, I do it as I believe photography can be really powerfull and power is a human will. (Yeah sometimes, I feel just like there's no proper words)

I see photography as an art, I've been doing some myself since my childhood but can't deal with people, nature is much more expressive for my own ideas.

I did a lot of fashion shoot. I have to say I find it a bit boring when it's all about wearing clothes. I would prefer thousand times to wear amazing clothes and create stunning images, than wearing outstanding clothes and being a coat-hanger.
I want to create feelings and emotions. No useless images that everyone saw thousand times on magazines. (Then, if it's Vogue, I might change my point of view on it.)

!!! Goot to know !!!

TF/Paid work
I like to say that money doesn't mean anything to me, it's not a proper reward but I have to pay bills too. I'll never say no to a shoot because it's unpaid. I'll probably say no because I don't like the theme or you're asking me to be Barbie. (Then actually a Barbie shoot with cocain and blood could interest me)
I also consider keeping costume and props as a payment for some creative shoots. But please understand that I won't use a disney costume in my everyday life.
If you want to shoot, please accept the fact that I won't without getting images of what we did. I believe photographers and models both do their parts of the job and I had so many experiences where I received nothing that I won't shoot without you signing a contract doesn't matter if it's Tf or paid.

I don't, and will never do any of those as trade shoot or unpaid test.
Mainly because there's so many pervert with their camera posting fake images and asking explicit when it's supposed to be "fine art".
Also, stop mixing porn & explicit... There's a huge difference when you're posing.
I am really demanding on photographer skills before accepting any of those jobs. Don't believe it's because you propose cash that I'll accept anything, that makes me really feel like a piece of meat.
Easy way : Don't ask me to shoot nude in fact, it solves many problems.

Of course I'll travel anywhere at your own expenses. Just keep in mind that a daily zone 1+2 + taxi + time spent waiting there cost a lot at the end of the day.
I'm quiet often in DALLAS, TX & France. Let me know if you want to arrange something for my next visit.

I'm curvy, quiet proud of it to be honnest. I don't believe beauty is made of skulls and bones (In fact yes in some works), I also believe that there's too many people feeling unconfortable in their body because of heaps uses of photoshop on insane magazines. I don't judge, just giving my point of view.
My hair are naturally really curly, currently red but change this quiet often. I don't mind getting hair cut, colours etc for photoshoot as far as you don't make me look too drag queen for other jobs.
I have a tattoo representing a sexy butterfly on an iron cross on my left ribs. I had 4 belly piercings which are gone for now but I'm willing to get them back as well as my nipple and ears ones.

Lifetime story board.
This is my own projects, I'm a big litterature fan and wrote stories about those. My aim is to make my own exhibition happen. However, this will be in Europe. For more informations about those, pm me. There's much more to say about it that possible in the Bio part.

Mafia Woman : Guns, vodka, chic but cruel.

Lazy mornings : story board about café time, wake up, newspaper (really bright and natural main idea is fragility)

Nature : 4 main pictures (head shots) on the theme of the 4 elements and/or season

7Sins : 7 main pictures (full body) about the 7 sins, would like to do it with black and white everything, to make it more difficult.

Fetish kitchen : Knives, blood, meat (beef) and latex clothes. Want to create a BDSM shoot where the slave is going to the oven.

Horse Riding : A horse, a woman in victorian clothes and a ride in a fantastic background. Want to express freedom and friendship

Green Fairy : The cult of absinth, not a fashion shoot but need a really bright green dress, something really flashy. Need also a body painter to make skin look unreal. Otherwise it's all about the legend, nothing more.