About Me

I'm a traditional illustrator turned photographer. With a goal towards depicting people realistically in my artwork, I started snapping people with a point and shoot ages ago to get reference material for my drawings... but guess what? I became obsessed with the taking pictures part of it. Photography has really captured my imagination (besides, you have no idea how much easier it is to take a picture rather than draw one... Yeah) I haven't stopped my illustrative work completely, but have reigned in my efforts in that area to make room for photography.

My approach tends towards the minimalistic. I don't like to clutter my images with busy backgrounds or props. My intention with each click of the shutter is to glorify the subject with uncompromised emphasis on her. This could be the portraiture mindset I have due to my years of practicing traditional art. Clean lines and tones are my central focus where photos are concerned. Again, years of life-drawing talking.

Strobes vs. Continuous and/or Natural

I like strobes better. I shoot strictly indoors with Alien Bees. There's nothing wrong with other methods of shooting, but I like everything to be tight and in control.


Less is more. I never airbrush to the point of making the subject look plastic.

Nude vs. Clothed

I like doing nudes more. Big surprise, huh? The nude female form represents the pinnacle of aesthetics and artistry in my humble opinion. This genre and this genre alone is my photographic raison d'etre. I'll be booking paid shoots throughout the next few months in compilation of a body of work I intend to self publish as an art book and calendar.

Look forward to working with you soon.