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Hello I'm Chris, I've received a Fine Arts Degree from Arizona State University. I'm just getting back to my personal work. What is my personal work? I'm currently focused on Black & White nudes in nature. I shoot 99% of my work on film, Pentax 6X7, Mamiya C3 6X6, and a few other cameras.I'm working to get my images back into private shows, exhibits and private collectors. My long term goal is to produce a beautiful book of my body of work. What do I want from this site? Too build long-term working relationships with models across the U.S. and abroad. If you find yourself driving thru Montana....
Email: sabotboy1966@yahoo.com
Call 406-871-1897.

It's official MY book is out 1 April 2011





(MM) Wolfpup 720766
(MM) Kira Beth 721686
(MM) Brooke Lynne 435770
(MM/OMP) Susie B 471468/360206
(MM/OMP) Katalina 754607/376292
(MM/OMP) Tamara 807797/389274
(OMP) Candy K 249928
(MM) Chris 489446/197670
(MM/OMP) Katy T 11311/101225*
(MM) Kamileon Girl 663709
(MM/OMP) Kat Love 55443/10312
(MM) BlueSheba 225550*
(MM/OMP) Tiana 9675/18098
(OMP) KittyMcMuffin 359288
(MM) Jocelyn 291698
(OMP) Christina 298555
(MM) Christina 360055*
(OMP) Adrienne 21779
(MM) Kerri 982
(OMP) Yulianna 142983
(MM) Violetta 109547
(OMP) Symantha 137136
(OMP) Josephine 138012
(OMP) Susanne 132100
(OMP) Lyndsey 248446
(OMP) Tammy 254399
(OMP) Jamie 15914
(OMP) Wendy 207011
(OMP) CK 359562
(OMP) Lori 97328
(OMP) Cat 363694
(IND) Stephanie
(IND) Ebony
(IND) Amber *
* More than once


13 May 10 17:08
Your work is inspiring, tasteful, evocative, and beautiful.
29 Sep 09 21:34
This is a great portfolio. You have enormous talent and I hope you meet with the success you deserve.
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