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UPDATE: To be honest I got back into photography because of the woman I loved. She was my muse and I figured photography would be a way for us to spend more time with each other and get closer together. Recently she told me she no longer loves me and I guess with that reasoning, I'm hanging up my camera and giving up on the whole photography thing. It was a pleasure with those that I have talked to, shot with and learned from, but, without my inspiration anymore, I'm done.


I am a photographer, designer, retoucher and this is only what I do when it comes to photography, I also create websites, business cards, logo if you are interested in that stuff as well. Photography is a hobby and hopefully will be a service that I can add to my already thriving freelance business.


I'm still working out fees, although if it's an interesting project that I really like I may do it just for trade. But if not will always keep in mind that the economy sucks and some models can't afford 25 dollars an hour.


Listed below are a shoot ideas I randomly have and would like to do so feel free to contact me if interested. I have to warn you though I can be somewhat eccentric with ideas and I really like to think outside of the box, so although a shoot I come up with may be a great idea there is always a chance for failure that the outcome might not have been what I expected.

-Photos within photos
-Light art
-Stop Motion
-Non-moving camera with a moving model (easier to understand when explained)
-Digitally Covered
-Good vs Evil
-Models for ASPCA (I love projects that give back)
-Candid shoot (some of the best photos I've taken are candid)
-Tattoos coming to life

**Always open to suggestions and ideas**

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