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About Me

I'm an artist and amateur photographer who is curently and always working on new and better artwork. I have a degree in graphic design from Oklahoma State University and a degree in fine arts from the University of IL.
I hope I can meet some good contacts thru this site and hopefully work with some amazing models as well. Right now I'm doing mall art tours and I can use all the models that want to work with me on my art projects.
What I do is art photo shoots to be used to create my paintings and drawing from. Once I take the photos I go back and use them for my art.
If you think you have a good look for my art and photography then hit me up.
Look forward to hearing from you.

NO FLAKES PLEASE!....LETS BE PROFESSIONAL! If you schedule a shoot with me I allow one reschedule then we shoot...... not after the 4th or 5th reschedule.

UPDATE: I prefer to shoot with models one-on-one...but if you really feel the need to have an escort with will have to be a female one. Also let that person know that they will play some part in the art spectators!!!!

True artwork is not done in one day. Please allow 1 to 2 months after the art shoot for the artwork to be completed.
Thank you!


I Give all credits to god for the talent that was given to me. Without him I can't live each day and help others. I would like to also thank all the wounderful models that took time out of their busy schedules to pose for me! Thanks to all of you!!


24 Dec 11 22:56
Thanks same to you!
24 Dec 11 18:58
Great work!
03 Jul 10 16:52
Welcome to iStudio fellow! Please have a look to my page...
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