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About Me

Based in Orlando since 1997, I have enjoyed doing all applications from corrective and daily makeup, to elaborate, multi-piece, overlapping appliances (foam and silicone), full body figures, suits and an array of props, masks and prototyping.
I have been involved in designing and creating leading icon characters for major area theme parks. If you would like to view any images of my work, please contact me.
From sculpting, mold making and painting to applying makeup, I honestly enjoy every aspect of my job. Using digital design allows me to create a look without even coming in contact with a performer, or use it to enhance a design prior to starting a build. With a performance background and having undergone all different types of applications myself, I have firsthand knowledge of what a performer will experience. My extensive knowledge of scenic work and industry standard materials has allowed me to walk in both worlds of special FX makeup and atmospheric design.
Whether you are looking for an artist for your upcoming film, themed event, theme park character, commercial, convention, production or want to win your next costume contest, I am always open and eager to discuss the next project.

Feel free to visit: to view more of my work.

I also have created a full line of foam latex prosthetics for as well.

One of the featured foam latex masks is a Voldemort inspired "Dark Lord Wizard" from Harry Potter. Along with that there is a new Wolf, Devilish, Cat, and Vampire Lord new for 2011.