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My name is Stephanie Fenn; I have been artistic since I was a child. I was inspired by Sailor Moon but now inspired by the twisted reality of life. I started to take interest in modeling when I was in fourth grade, and in my first Pagent I won "Most Photogenic." I soon found my passion for acting, but I wasn't one to try to hard to a get a role in anything. In 7th and 8th grade I was enrolled in John Robert Powers, where I learned how to dress professionaly, runway walk (very little); got to do some commerical print (which was the funnest thing I think I've ever done besides White Water Raft); and I leanred a little about applying make up. After my classes were over I hardly did anything at all to pursue these dreams of mine. I locked them away and started to draw and take pictures, which I felt way more confident with. Now I am 18 with plans to go to college and major in psychology and art; but I would love the opportunity to use my art for more than just theropy.


10 May 10 12:07
interestin face, you can be a good model
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