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About Me

I am attempting to grow as a photographer on a daily basis. I try to surround myself with knowledgeable photographers, models, photoshop wizards, stylists, and makeup artists in order to continue improving. I thank everyone who is willing to share tips and tricks, and especially the models and makeup artists who understand that TFP is a beneficial and necessary part of this crazy world. I wish I could pay everyone all the time. I wish everyone could pay me all the time. Thats not always the case, so no matter how far I advance, i will always..always ..find time to accept TFP.

As you can see, my port is made up of different styles. I want to add even more diversity. I'm looking for models who aren't afraid to be sexy, classy, flirty, get dirty, and have fun.

Even though I am ridiculously handsome(lie), smooth( another lie), and ripped like Mike Tyson in his prime( really big lie), my only intention is to shoot you, not marry you, date you, or even buy you dinner. I know what breasts look like. i know what an ass looks like. The ones on my wife are the only ones I need.

I'm located in Central Florida. I will travel to for location. You have a bikini and a beach?? I'm there!

Take a look at my port and if you'd like to shoot, feel free to send me a message and I'm sure we can create some kick ass images.

Talk to you soon.



12 Apr 10 18:42
I love your work! Please keep creating wonderful pieces! Scooby
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