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Thanks for stopping by. My old MM name was Bodycontours. I'm an amateur photographer situated on the Gold Coast. I am reasonably experienced, having done approximately 30 shoots this year. I am currently only doing limited TFP, and am at this point, wanting to explore the world of artistic black and white nude shoots. If you are interested in creating some art, lets see what we can do.
I am happy to work TFP on interesting projects, as I'm not wanting to get rich from this, and am only usually charging enough money to cover my expenses relating to use of my equipment, (which costs a fortune I may add), and also some travelling expenses.
Charges available upon request.
If I contact you, I am happy to do TFP. If you contact me, you obviously like what I do, and might be prepared to offer some renumeration for it.
What you get for this is, all the photos taken on the day, (which usually equate to approx 50 shots per hour), on a disc, mailed to you.
I believe this is reasonable, as I am well aware what some photographers charge, and will only ever charge a minimal fee.
One important thing that I would like to stipulate is. If you cancel inside 24hrs, and the reason is not life threatening, I may not shoot with you at all, ever. Also, DO NOT contact me to shoot, if you are not serious about modelling, and are only here to get some pretty Facebook photos. I'm not interested in time wasters, and seriously have better things to do with my time.
Sorry to all genuine models, if this seems harsh, but you can thank some previous "models", who obviously believe it is ok to waste someone's time, for no apparent reason.
Other than that, I look forward to meeting genuine models, who share a passion to make some artistic images, and hope you have a wonderful day.


Mel Woodward #795606

Keith Hatch (Gold Coast)

Miss Rebekah - leah #2369874

Carmel Kestles #857136

Lauren Allure #2256271

Amy Maree #2095650

Alyce Bryans #2378860

Dnee #1836154

Sharna Barnett #1278664

Charmaine Watt #2326823

Kristen Graham #2457298

more to come.

Shoots I currently would like for my portfolio are;

Cosplay....Simply love it. If you have ideas for this, you get priority.

Night Shoot. Preferably a handful of models together in a City environment.

Garden Setting, with floral dresses and bonnets etc.

Swimsuit at the, or by a beach, pool, waterfall, river, etc.

Underwater also. Need my new housing first though.

Gothic, dark, mysterious locations. Churches, Graveyards....maybe mixed with Candles and Statues?

Lingerie, indoor and or outdoor.

Country Farm setting, maybe overalls, hey shed, horses, tractors, etc.

Nude, indoor or outdoor. Single or Couples shoot. m/f, f/f. I'm not bias.

Old Style corsets, ball gowns, etc.

Hot Rods, Motorcycles, Boats.

Cheeky Golfer Girl

Roller Derby shoot, in full gear.

Construction site, wrapped in Safety Tape, and on machinery etc.

Geisha Girl.....Sushi and all.