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I'm working as a commercial/fashion photographer in Las Vegas NV. I have been a photographer for many year and have no shyness about what I shoot. I've shot weddings, birthdays, parties etc. I've done lots of cinematography as well. I work on music videos, sound editing and stage preparation. My rates are reasonable. I do real estate and autos for ads. I'm usually early for the job and bring a laptop for instant proof checking and CD distribution. All rights are reserved by me and all models are required to sign a release. I look forward to working with the people I meet on this site. I like to shoot outdoors and carry a camera like an appendage. I believe in detailed and sharp shots. I also enjoy shooting concerts and sporting events. I work in Las Vegas and am willing to shoot for trade. XXX Aloha!



21 Feb 10 19:07
Thank you for the Pic Comment. Interesting work!!
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