Jay Corry
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About Me

I'm in this for fun - who knew? That said, there appears to be a niche for older men in the stock / commercial category. I have some experience in local commercial / lifestyle work (I am Mr. Murphy - thanks Ron!), which is where I fit. I think I look like the middle aged guy next door, but just a bit better, which seems to be what commercial work is all about. I look my age, but that is OK in stock / commercial work.

I'm of course eager to do TFP work. I'm also eager to do TFE - trade for experience - if you need shutter fodder for an experiment, I'm your guy. I'm not trying to make a profit at this - it's fun.

Although I don't expect to be doing any fitness work, I've been told a shot or two showing one's level of fitness is a good idea - thus the fitness shots. Plus I like doing them - nobody has ever gone broke overestimating the size of the male ego :)

Clothing stats: - 32 waist, 34 inseam, 16.5 x 34/35 shirt, 42 or 43 long jacket, 7&7/8ths hat.

Random - bike racer, skier, golfer (I'm not that good at that!), so I'm able to pull off sports oriented stock work. I'm studying acting, that seems to help with the modelling