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My interest in photography began about 30 years ago after being given my first SLR camera as a gift. Over the years, my love of taking pictures has grown to a passion. I now own several professional digital cameras and lenses, and my images are often published.

Nude-in-nature is my specialty. Capturing the essence of feminine beauty by photographing women outdoors, nude and in natural light, is what I enjoy most, and South Florida offers the perfect setting for this.

I believe that nudity is natural and the female figure is artistic by nature, deserving absolute appreciation, admiration and respect. The women you'll see here are strong, confident, and proud individuals, opting to share their beauty with our viewers. Split-Vision models are never portrayed as abused or submissive, in despair or decay. Split-Vision Photography is a celebration of feminine beauty.

Split-Vision models are encouraged to express themselves freely, and never pressured to pose beyond their comfort level.

I work directly with models and not through agents, managers or other representatives.

Supportive companions are generally welcome to join as escorts, unless the shoot is the result of a model's response to a casting call which specifically states otherwise.

All images are captured with the idea of possible future publication in mind.

Most of the images featured in this portfolio have had some degree of editing with photoshop.

Models are always given credit unless the model has specifically requested that her name and credit be withheld.

I will only be shooting TF on increasingly rare occasions. Tasteful images that make your portfolio stand out and get you noticed are a worthwhile investment. Contact me if you would like to build or add to your portfolio with beautiful, tasteful outdoor nude images. I am available to shoot on many Saturday and Sunday mornings and my rates are reasonable. I look forward to hearing from you!

Ed Johnston
Split-Vision Photography, LLC

email: SplitVisionPhotography@gmail.com



Official Photographer for:

Split-Vision Photography - http://www.split-vision.com
Women's Tri-Fitness - http://www.womenstri-fitness.com
The Fitness Dream Team - http://www.fitdreamteam.com

Published in:

Women's Tri-Fitness Magazine (including several covers)
Natural Muscle Magazine
Oxygen Magazine


29 Apr 14 18:06
This is one of my favorite portfolios on this site!!! Love it all!!!
17 Apr 14 23:00
Gorgeous port!
17 May 10 04:33
Just stopping by your page to say hi! Please let me know if I can ever be of any assistance with retouching any of your photos :)
13 Apr 10 06:18
great port
13 Jan 10 15:43
could you email me the images you have of me on your site?
12 Jan 10 08:16
very good portfolio, like your pictures ! :) nice job
06 Jan 10 08:05
Thank you for the FR. Very nice port! Brenda
25 Dec 09 16:42
Thanks for the friend request!!
24 Dec 09 01:30
Beautiful body of work very inspiring.
09 Nov 09 18:05
You got some really nice work. Any chance I can pick your brain about the business side of photography?
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